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Textile Coaching

Customers all over the globe are increasingly aware of the need for more sustainability in the textile business. To provide the best support and become a true advocate for sustainable transformation, it is crucial that your whole team is up to date with the latest information. 



Product & Sales Team Textile Coaching

(Maximum 10 people per group in physical or webinar training)

Duration 3h


-What is sustainability for fashion and textiles?

-Why are sustainable products in demand?

-How can sustainable products improve sales?

-The cost factor of sustainable materials

-Fabric development chain and process

-Sustainable Fibre guide

- Verification points- transparency of supply chain

- How to create transparency

- Certifications

- Terminology: environmental and social cost, non-renewable resources, life cycle assessment, SAC-Higg index, biodegradable, biodiversity, recyclable, micro plastics, carbon emissions, greenwashing, carbon footprint


Sustainability Activation Day for

Product teams, Sales teams, or Clients


A team event is a great way to start a sustainability journey. The power of unity when working towards the same goals improves the acceptance of the new focus. 


We organize an event for few hours or a day in a chosen location. That could include sustainable activity and coaching sessions in one.


Contact us to find a best solution. 

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