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At Responsable Textile Consulting

  • we possess a profound understanding of the current state of the textile industry. Our mission is to drive a positive transformation within this sector. Through our project work, we extend our expertise to companies seeking guidance in their journey towards sustainability and circularity.


  • we’re a collective of international experts embracing cultural diversity as we adapt to evolving work environments. Our communication is clear and effective, and we’re goal-oriented. Our primary aim is to empower client teams with the knowledge and skills to improve the fashion industry.


Founder and Chief Consultant

With over 30 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion chain from design to sales, our founder, Mrs. Marjo Hartikainen, brings a solid foundation to sustainability-related fashion and textile projects.

Her multidisciplinary background as an MA-level designer, coupled with her technical knowledge and economic understanding, provides a robust platform for research, development, and innovation projects.


As a Finn, Marjo conducts activities in an uncomplicated, independent, organized, and honest manner. Her roots in the forest and lake area of Savo in Finland, combined with the phenomenal nature of the French Basque Country and Savoir Vivre Biarritz, have fostered a deep respect for nature. This connection to nature fuels her inspiration to work as a responsible textile consultant.


Marjo holds a Master of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki (Aalto University). Additionally, she has a Business Management Certificate from Hagen University, Germany, and a Certificate of Sustainability and Fashion Course from the London College of Fashion.

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