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Material Analysis

Leading management consultants recommend performance analysis at a material level. It is a key to successful material improvement and pricing projects. Profitable implementation of sustainable materials is always including the analysis as a base for choosing the direction. 


Global brands have profited annual €1 million material cost savings via material analysis and projects following. Raw material supply chain transparency and product speed to market are the further benefits.​


Second step projects following material analysis will accelerate the performance.


1.  Core material research and development for price and quality improvements.

2.  Sustainable materials research, development, and implementation for reaching      sustainability targets

3.  Material innovation to create a unique selling proposition and visibility.

4. Materials pricing project for positive profit impact.

5.  Preferred materials project for more transparency and speed to market.

6. Transparency and accuracy of material data for traceability and comparability. 

7.   Material usage analysis for style per material score. Rapport is serving for                 generating savings in collection development.

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