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Business Development Support for Innovators

In addition to our market orientation services, we offer comprehensive business development support for fibre innovators. We understand that a great innovation is only as good as its presentation and reception in the market. Our team is here to guide you on how to effectively present your textile innovation to industry players, what data to highlight, and how to captivate your audience.

Our services include:

  • Innovation Presentation: We guide you on how to present your textile innovation in a way that resonates with industry players. This includes understanding their needs and concerns and demonstrating how your innovation addresses these.

  • Data Highlighting: We help you identify and present the key data that industry players care about. This could be data on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, performance, or any other aspect that showcases the value of your innovation.

  • Audience Engagement: We provide strategies on how to engage your audience during presentations. This includes storytelling techniques, visual aids, and interactive elements that can make your presentation more compelling.

  • Business Development: We assist in developing a business strategy that aligns with your innovation. This includes identifying potential markets, creating a value proposition, and developing a go-to-market strategy.


At Responsable Textile Consulting, we’re committed to helping fibre innovators succeed. We provide the tools and guidance you need to turn your innovative ideas into successful, market-ready solutions.

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