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Textile Raw Materials Pricing Services and Market Orientation for Innovators

At Responsable Textile Consulting, we extend our expertise to sellers and fibre innovators, helping them navigate the complex landscape of pricing and market orientation.


Our experts offer strategic guidance in defining their pricing strategy for circular project/fibre testing and production. We understand that the right pricing strategy is crucial for the profitability and feasibility of the projects. Our collective leverages industry insights and market trends to help innovators price their offerings competitively while maintaining their commitment to sustainability.


In addition, we offer fibre innovators services to help orient their offerings to appeal to brands and other target groups. We understand that innovation needs to meet market demand to be successful. Our specialists work closely with innovators to understand their unique offerings, identify potential markets, and tailor their approach to meet the needs of these markets.


Our services include:

  • Market Research: We conduct thorough market research to understand current trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscape. This helps us provide informed recommendations for pricing and market orientation.

  • Pricing Strategy: We help define a pricing strategy that balances profitability with sustainability. Our approach considers various factors including production costs, market demand, and competitive pricing.

  • Market Orientation: We help fibre innovators tailor their offerings to meet the needs of their target markets. This includes identifying potential markets, understanding their needs, and aligning the product offerings accordingly.

  • Brand Collaboration: We facilitate collaborations between fibre innovators and brands, fostering partnerships that drive sustainable textile innovation forward.


At Responsable Textile Consulting, we’re committed to supporting all players in the sustainable textile ecosystem. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or an innovator, we’re here to help you succeed in this exciting and important field.

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