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Apparel Collection
Business Case

We use an analytic approach for preparing a business case, budget evaluation, and time schedule for the development of an apparel line:

1. Budget Evaluation: We start by getting an understanding of your current budget and estimating the additional financial resources needed. This includes costs related to product development, sourcing materials, manufacturing, and marketing.

2. Product Needs Assessment: We identify the specific needs for your apparel line, such as the types of garments, their design, functionality, and sustainability aspects. This will help us estimate the costs involved in the product development phase.

3. Creative Process: We outline the creative process, including design, prototyping, and testing. We’ll estimate the time and resources needed for each stage.

4. Team Structure: We assess the optimal team size and structure needed to efficiently manage your project. This includes roles such as designers, product managers, pattern makers, and supply chain coordinators.

5. Collection Framework: We help define the collection framework, including the number of styles, colourways, and sizes. This will influence the production costs and timeline.

6. Material Sourcing: We assist in identifying sustainable materials and estimating their costs. We also consider the lead times for sourcing these materials.

7. Supply Chain Management: We support you in establishing a responsible supply chain. This includes identifying ethical manufacturing partners and estimating the costs and timeframes associated with production.

8. Return on Investment (ROI): We help calculate the potential ROI of your apparel line. This includes forecasting sales, pricing strategy, and market demand.

9. Project Timeline: We develop a detailed project timeline, outlining key milestones from concept development to product launch. This helps in tracking progress and ensures that the project stays on schedule.

With this comprehensive approach, we ensure that every aspect of your apparel line development is carefully planned and executed. Responsable Textile is committed to making your sustainable vision a reality.

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