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Textile Coaching


Customers all over the globe are increasingly aware of the need for more sustainability in the textile business. In order to provide the best support and become a true advocate for sustainable transformation, it is crucial that your whole team is up-to-date with the latest information. Our courses provide everything you need.






Designer’s Video Course

o   What is possible in sustainable materials?

o   What can I demand from my mills?

o   What about the certifications, what is important for me?

o   Fabric development chain in nut shell

o   Newest sustainable material options






Group Coaching for Buying and Development 

(Maximum 10 people per group)

Duration 3h


o     Fabric development chain and process

o     Verification points- transparency of supply chain

o     How to create transparency

o     Certifications

o     Fibre chart with new sustainable fibres

o     Newest sustainable material options



- Sustainable material development possibilities (examples of own brand material needs)

- Terminology: environmental and social cost, non-renewable resources, life cycle assessment, SAC-Higg index



Marketing and Sales Team Group Coaching

(maximum 20 people per group)


Duration 2 h


 o   What is sustainability for fashion and textiles?

o   Why are sustainable products in demand?

o   The cost factor of sustainable materials

o   How can sustainable products improve sales?

o   Certifications

o   A sustainable fibre guide

o   Terminology: What is biodegradable, biodiversity, recyclable, micro plastics, carbon emissions, greenwashing, carbon footprint and so forth





Change Management Coaching

Our Change Management program is tailored to the transformation process of each company individually. The following coaching packages will be included in   



o   What is sustainability for fashion and textiles?

o   Why sustainable products are in demand- why do we do this transformation?

o   Cost factor of sustainable materials?

o   Fabric development chain and process

o   What changes in my daily work?

o   Verification points- transparency of supply chain

o   Certifications

Group presentations for maximum 20 persons

Duration 3 h

+ It is recommended to add on the change management coaching one of above specific coaching for detailed information.

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