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Marjo Hartikainen

Founder and Chief

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More than 30 years of experience and deep view on all tasks in fashion chain from design to sales give me very stable understanding of circumstances where industry is today. I see great opportunities to change textile industry to something positive. It will not happen at once, but we can start with little steps. I wish to share my expertise with companies needing encouragement in sustainable transformation.

Through my international background I have learned to respect cultural differences in adapting to changes in working environment. Therefore, I wish to emphasize the importance of internal communication when moving towards eco-responsible production. As in any transformation project it is essential to catch the team and improve their skills. My target is to let units learn to make textiles and fashion better by themselves.

Thanks to my multidisciplinary background as MA level designer with high technical knowledge and economical understanding I have got a great foundation for research, development and innovation projects.

Being a Finn I run activities with uncomplicated, independent, organised and very honest manner. My roots are in forest and lake area Savo in Finland. This and phenomenal nature of French Pay Basque with Savoir Vivre Biarritz give me a strong respectful relation to nature. It is the fact that pushes my inspiration to work as Responsable Textile.

I have graduated with Master of Arts degree in Fashion Design from University of Art and Design, Helsinki (Aalto University). In addition, I hold a Business Management Certificate of Hagen University, Germany and Certificate of Sustainability and Fashion Course of London College of Fashion.



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